Sodium Percarbonate

1, Introduction :
    Sodium Percarbonate is the addition compound of sodium carbonate and oxydol . It can offer stable oxydol source under pollution-free condition.

2, Application :

Just like oxydol , it can be used as oxidant for washing, bleaching, dirty-removing and odor-removing application. It can be decomposed into water, oxygen and barilla, therefore it is harmless to environment. Sodium Percarbonate can ne used in several fields, such as washing powder, bleaching of textile , wooden boat deck and carpet. Moreover, it can be used in human care products or used in tooth cleaning and food.

3, Technical information
  Chemical name: Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate
  Alias: Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, SPC

4, Storage & transportation
  Packed in tank or container with safe valve or emergency vent, in dry places, far away form heat and insolation.
  Temperature<104H (40≧)
  The storage place should be far away from acid, metal, salts, reductant, organic matter and inflammable matter.
  If the products is not finished, do not put it back to tank or container.
  Cycled storage first in, first out
  The pile height for 25kg bag should be less than 20 bags; do not pile the product in bulk bag (2,000 pounds) or in pallet. Keeping 2 feet distance between packed pallets.

5, Security
  Every worker should be clear of the hazard of this product, emergency handle and right application way.
Wear defence apparatus for protecting eyes and skin.
  Handling this matter according to the relative rules
  Fire fight: Right matter: water, foam and dry powder
  Wrong: carbon dioxide

6, Emergency
  For eye contact open the eyelid, washing it for 15min and go to the hospital
  For skin contact washing the contacting part with soap and water; if feel red or pain, please contact your doctor.
  Inhale Take the patient from the dirty place, for the patient with respiratory system problem, please contact your doctor
  Swallowplease contact your doctor, do not try to vomit the patient; if the patient still is conscious, washing the mouth and drink a plenty of water; or do not pour any matter into the mouth of coma patient
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