Properties and Uses
The bleaching mechanism of Sodium Percarbonate

The advantages of Sodium Percarbonate

The advantages of Sodium Percarbonate

Compared to other bleaching agents with chlorine, Sodium Percarbonate is harmless to surrounding, it in water only be decomposed into water, oxygen and sodium carbonate.

Sodium Percarbonate is being used as the replace sodium perborate of washing powder for its low soluble temperature and earth friendly property.

Sodium Percarbonate can improve the dirty-removing capacity of detergent and bleaching agent. especially it can remove the heavy dirty of textile; at the same time, it also can brighten the fabrics and prevent the fabrics from yellow or dark.

Sodium Percarbonate can kill bacteria and virus, it is one kind of safe and environment friendly disinfectant for personal care ann home appliance.

Because it is harmless and high oxygen-containing matter, it can be used as oxygen-releasing agent in agriculture and aquaculture.

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