Properties and Uses
The bleaching mechanism of Sodium Percarbonate

The advantages of Sodium Percarbonate

The bleaching mechanism of Sodium Percarbonate

   Sodium Percarbonate is high active oxygen carrier and has good solubility in cold water; it in water can be decomposed into Na2CO3 and H2O2. The sodium carbonate solution is one kind of basic liquid; and in basic condition, the oxydol will be changed into H2O and O. The formula is:

         H2O2★H++HOO- 2HOO-★O2●+2OH-

   HOO- is one kind of bleaching group, but it can be decomposed by metal ion and lower the bleaching effect of oxydol; HOO- is more stable in basic condition, and the 10 to 11 of PH value is helpful to the bleaching of textile. The Ph value of 1% -3% sodium carbonate solution is 10.5 to 11 which is good for the bleaching of paper pulp either. Otherwise, Sodium Percarbonate can be reductant when there is strong oxidizer existing.

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