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The bleaching mechanism of Sodium Percarbonate

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Sodium Percarbonate


1, what is Sodium Percarbonate ?
   Sodium Percarbonate is one kind of new basic bleaching agent; it in water can be decomposed into Na2CO3 and H2O2.The formula is:
           2 Na2CO3,3 H2O2 ★ 2 Na2CO3+ 3 H2O2
The sodium carbonate solution is one kind of basic liquid; and in basic condition, the oxydol will be changed into H2O and O. Because Oxygen atom has extreme oxidizing capacity, the quantity of active oxygen of dry powder of Sodium Percarbonate is equal to the 30% of oxydol.

2, How to improve the stability of Sodium Percarbonate bleaching system in washing powder?

   Sodium Percarbonate can be used as bleaching agent of washing powder for it is a good carrier of active oxygen. Without any pollution, Sodium Percarbonate can release a large of oxygen quickly. and its decomposed matter also can improve the dirty-removing capacity .

As to practical washing condition, a variety of ions and temperature may have bad effects on Sodium Percarbonate and accelerate the loss of active oxygen, therefore, we find several ways to improve its stability:

1), Sodium percarbonate is coated with a hydrophobic substance or the like.   
2), add magnesium silicate to washing powder
3), add chelating agent to washing powder, such as NTA, EDTA
4), Adopt zeolite MAP to replace zeolite A as much as possible
5), reducing the impurities of washing powder as much as possible
6), add sodium carbonate into prescription

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