Properties and Uses
The bleaching mechanism of Sodium Percarbonate

The advantages of Sodium Percarbonate

Properties and Uses

   Sodium Percarbonate is one kind of new basic bleaching agent, it can be dissolved into cold water with a large of solubility. Sodium Percarbonate in water can be decomposed into Na2CO3 and H2O2. The sodium carbonate solution is one kind of basic liquid; and in basic condition, the oxydol will be changed into H2O and O. Oxygen atom has extreme oxidizing capacity, it can change the colored matter into colorless matter; moreover, it is a good bactericide either.

   Besides the bleaching function, this product also can brighten the textile and kill the bacteria. It can be used as ingredient of detergent to promoting its washing property, it is a good material of low-P and P-free washing powder. It also can be used as bleaching agent of textile and dye developer; for medical field, it can be used as mouth cleaner and disinfectant of patient clothing and appliance. This product also can be used in the treatment of waste matter and hard dirty, or used in the preservation of fruit and bleeding agent of pool

Used as auxiliary agent of washing

   As one kind of new washing bleaching bactericide, Sodium Percarbonate is odorless, non-toxic and pollution-free matter. It offer extreme oxidizing ability for it can release active oxygen in the water, compared with traditional auxiliary agents , it is harmless to surrounding. It is one of most popular auxiliary agents.
Used as oxygen-releasing agent of pool
   It is one kind of quick oxygen-releasing agent, it can release a large of oxygen into water and increase the oxygen concentration of water for a long period of time. At the same time, it can improve the water quality and degrade the organic matter of water to reduce the toxicity of ammonia, nitrogen, H2S and algae.

For medicinal health
Mixed Sodium Percarbonate with polyvinyl alcohol and catalyst, it can get one kind of solid oxygen-releasing agent, it can be used in the emergency place when a large quantity of oxygen are need.
   Sodium Percarbonate also can be used as infect-bactericide, it can kill most of common bacteria in public place, medical tools, denture, tableware, fruit and soap.

It other fields:
   It can be used in the fruit conservation of fruit in only 1 Sodium Percarbonate solution.
   It can be used as finishing agent of chemical fiber, animal fiber, chemical resin fiber and other fiber treated by optical brightener.
   Sodium Percarbonate also can be used as oxidizer of lots of chemical reactions.
   In addition, Sodium Percarbonate can be used as surface treatment agent of metal, the detergent of plating, the treatment agent of sewage and inhibitor of molecular polymerization.

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