Wuxi Wanma Chemical Co. Ltd is specialized in the manufacturing of sodium percarbonate in China. Located in the west suburb of
famous scenic tourist city -wuxi, it enjoys convenient communication by 2 hours' drive to Shanghai City. Now the annual production capacity is expanding to more than 20,000 metric tons. Equipped with advanced manufacturing and testing facilities, and cooperating closely with domestic universities and Institutes such
as Tianjin Chemical Research Institute, Wanma carries out
production withadvanced processing method and under strict quality control system; Moreover, Wanma also send the sample to institute for regular test.
กกกกกก At present, Wanma is keeping improving product and manufacturing method for meeting
customers' requirements in term of quality. At the same time, we also invite some experts to train our
staffs for promoting their career level. There are several technicians working for Wanma now, and we
have got thecertificate of ISO9001:2000 quality system (No. 03804Q11199ROS).

กกกกTo protect the entironment of the Taihu Lake Watershed, we actively respond to the government's proposal to implement the ISO14001 standard within the company. For this purpose, we have formulated the following environmental policy:

ก๖ Continuously reduce our negative influence on the environment caused by production or services.
ก๖ Minimize pollution to the environment through the establishment of internal standard more strict than related national environment laws and regulations.
ก๖ To save energy/ water resources and prevent environmental pollution through the improvement of technologies and re-resources utilization of resources.
ก๖ Enhance the awareness of employees and boost reinforcement of related regulations and policies.

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